Bhadrakali Temple

Description: Itkhori block is famous for the temple of Godess Bhadrakali, where a mingling of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist deities may be seen. Buddhist deity Tara can be seen here in black stone. It also has an inscription of the time of the king Mahendra pal Deva. Dr. Grierson in his notes on Gaya District (pp. 3, 4) has mentioned the Buddhist stupa at Bhadrakali complex of Itkhori. A Pair of foot prints is also visitable. It is associated with Sheetal Nath the 10th Trithankar of Jainism. It is also associated with Mallinath the 19th Tirthanker and Parswanath the 23rd Tirthanker. The Hindus worship goddess Kali as Bhadrakali. The whole area is full of historical and cultural heritages. Itkhori block is also famous for the goddess Bhagwati. Goddess Kali is worshiped here as Jagdamba. People flock here to offer sacrifice and Mundan sanskar. It has a scenic beauty and is a very good picnic spot.

Famous For: Worship of Godess Bhadrakali

Accommodation Available: Yes

Canteen: Yes

Best Time to Visit: Whole year, Itkhori Mahotsava during the month of february every year

Local Cuisines: Jalebi, Puri-Chana, Kulhar chai

You can also find good hotels for staying back. Also there are dharamshala for marriages which needs to be booked in advance.
Contact Number : 076663 23611

No Alcohol Allowed Inside


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